5 Italian Marble To Add Fabulous Look To Your Home

5 Italian Marble To Add Fabulous Look To Your Home

Marbles have been the preferred type of flooring for people across the world for generations. And the hype is justified. Marbles are probably the most beautiful natural stones available in various colors and vein patterns.

There are two types of marbles widely used in India- The Indian Marble and the Italian Marble. 

The Indian Marble is shiny and hard. Whereas, the Italian marble is highly lustrous, very soft, and comes in a wide variety of colors including White, Blue-grey, Jade, and Rose. 

Italian marble is a very soft stone and is primarily used as a decorative feature for floorings, walls, bathroom countertops, etc. Since the Italian marble is so soft, a thin net of nylon is glued on the back of the slab to give it additional support. 

If you are planning to use Italian Marble to accentuate the look of your home but haven’t decided on which type to use, in this blog we are going to talk about our top 5 picks of the best Italian marble in Mumbai.  

Bronze Armani Marble:

The Bronze Armani marble is a non-foliated metamorphic stone that is composed of carbonate minerals. It has a uniform beige-colored background, thin grain with a few occasional dark or white-colored veins that add a unique character to it. It is famous for its polished look, high luster, and fantastic visual appeal. The color bronze is very unique for marbles, that is what gives the marble its beauty and a bold modern look. It looks wonderful when used for interior decoration in the living room, TV lounge, kitchen, or even outdoors. Bronze Armani marble is quite effective in terms of cost factor as well.

Emerald Pearl Gangsaw Granite:

This amazing deep green granite is gaining popularity in modern architecture and has a very distinct color that perfectly fits the name. Emerald Pearl Granite is the best choice of marble for modern architecture because of its physical properties. It has a deep dark color with swirls of white in it. The color of this granite is so dark that it appears black from a distance and is very uniform in color and texture with additional light or white colors in it. Because of its rich dark color, it adds a very elegant touch to the room. The emerald pearl looks beautiful when applied on the countertops, cladding, swimming pool areas, bathroom walls, and floors.  

Fawn beige Marble:

This type of marble has a nice warm beige color. Fawn Beige marble is best suited for giving the house a more characteristic look than the plain white ones. This marble is used to give a high-end look to the interiors. The Fawn Beige Italian marble flooring can add a distinguished classy feel to your home. Moreover, this type of marble is very durable. This beige Italian marble is available in the market in the form of slabs, but you can customize them according to your needs.

Giorgio Armani Marble:

Georgio Armani is a luxurious marble. It is deep blue-grey with delicate white veins. It is quarried in Italy. The light and dark shades of grey and white give it a modish appearance. Georgio Armani's marble flooring has its beauty and elegance. Because of its dark color, it looks visually appealing in the bathrooms as well. It is widely used in design and construction projects. It is commonly used for flooring, cladding, kitchen, countertop, and stairs. 

Jade Green Quartzite Marble:

Jade Green Quartzite Marble is a natural jade marble stone and our most favorite of all. Jade green marbles are so rare and unique, it uplifts the interiors of the house by a hundred folds. The beauty and elegance of this marble are impeccable. It is highly appreciated by the local as well as foreign customers. A combination of jade, white, red, and black colors creates a unique pattern that makes it beautifully mesmerizing wherever it may be used.

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