Collection: White Marble Collection

Pure white marble remains a prized possession for several marble manufacturing companies in India and abroad, most commonly found in Rajasthan. They are popularly used in high-end homes, hotels, restaurants, religious structures and monuments for their bright, luminescent, strong and durable qualities available in different shades and colours.

If you are someone who loves to live a luxurious life, then you should choose White marble for its superior characteristics and low white marble price. It can be used as flooring, cladding, filler, brightener and decorative framing for your space. Your home should display your wealth, status and reputation before your guests. If you also plan on redesigning your multinational company office, then using white marble for your office lends a luxurious finish to space. Combine it with the latest artefacts and furniture, and you have a futuristic office that blends tradition and modernity in one space.

Why is white marble used?

White marble is famous for its availability in the North-Western parts of India, its bright white appearance and lustrous appearance. Commonly used on both exterior and interior design, they are equally used for countertops, fountains, wall and pool capping, flooring, windowsills, mosaic and stairs. It is also called crystal white Vietnam, milk-white marble, white marble, absolute white, and snow-white marble. It is cut and processed into sawn-cut, sandblasted, rock-faced, sanded, polish and tumbled varieties for different uses. It is available in three quality grades categorised into fine grain, medium grain and large grain.

White marble for exterior projects

We are the finest white marble suppliers, who offer White marble in both tile and slabs of varying dimensions and sizes. Recommended for commercial and residential projects alike, we are the leading white marble manufacturers and exporters along with flaming, sandblasting and lather texture finish as per customer requirements. Apart from personal projects, they are used in parks, government buildings, public spaces and railways as well.

White marble for interior projects

Apart from its aesthetic qualities, white marble is selected for its high strength and low water absorption. It visually expands the size of your room, while lending it a wide and serene feel. Due to the varied colour range, you can easily choose a variety that suits your residential or commercial space. They have a rough and crystalline texture that makes them suitable for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, airports, railway stations, educational institutions and restaurants. It is hypo-allergenic, which kills off bacteria, microorganisms and germs – presenting you with durable floors.

Quality control of white marble

As marble suppliers, we endeavour to maintain strict quality standards and customer satisfaction. Our products are tested at our laboratory and standard rooms, which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and certified quality management consultants. We have always excelled expectations with our superior-quality natural stone and associated products within a reasonable budget. We remain in business due to our quality product, hassle-free payment methods and on-time delivery.

What sets Rynestone apart from its competitors?

Our success lies in our vision that is based on commitment, trust, innovation and quality, Our talented workforce procure the finest raw material from the quarries using advanced technology, which is then subjected to the best manufacturing process in our factory. We have a team of specialised professionals that work together to build the company, combined with ecologically friendly and high-capacity machinery in a modern infrastructure unit.

Armed with decades of experience in the marble industry, our expertise is demonstrated in quality and processing techniques. We offer professional customer and backup service, which only adds to our list of highly satisfied clients. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable marble dealers in Mumbai, visit us at Rynestone.