Collection: Granite

Rynestone is among the leading granite suppliers in India, offering top quality marbles for every commercial and residential interior requirement.

We are proud to offer the most comprehensive and exclusive range of natural granite stones that would impeccably elevate the beauty of your space. We are among the top granite suppliers in India to demonstrate excellent expertise in dealing with full quality natural stones. 

Why Granite Marble?

Granite is among the strongest of natural stones and is neutral to most chemical elements. Therefore, it is found in vast applications in creating the interiors of the kitchen or the commercial industry. Unique granite stones add character and beauty to the setting. They bring in a sense of calmness and comfort to the environment. Moreover, you could easily blend it with different types of marbles such as Armani grey marble and Travertine marble to create stunningly beautiful interior designs.

The excellent visual features of the granite marble give a more textured and natural look to your space. On further polishing, they become perfectly smooth and ideal for flooring as well as for shower tiles.

With handpicked natural granite stones assorted from the best mines worldwide, Rynestone can provide various rocks of different colour, content, consistency and clarity to ensure the customers always receive the best products. 

Rynestone Experience

Rynestone marble is among the leading granite manufacturers in India, offering the most exclusive stones to customers. Each of our stones portrays a new design and uniqueness. From floral arrangements to wavy patterns, we have an overwhelming collection carved exclusively for our customers in a variety of shapes and colours.

Our stones are sure to make your office, and your home looks elegant and beautiful. Being the prominent granite manufacturers in India, we can mine the best products and deliver the best services to our customers. 

What sets us apart from various imported marble suppliers is our ability to be flexible and customise our approach to customer needs. This gives us the flexibility to deliver on customer expectations and create an outstanding customer experience.

Our supply network and infrastructure are better than many imported marble suppliers. This helps us fulfil any kind of granite requirements, such as Armani grey marble and Travertine marble.

All our granite products go through an extensive quality test before they are made available to the retail customers, allowing us to maintain the quality level of the product. We want our customers to spend their hard-earned money on the right products to ensure maximum utility and minimum wastage.

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