Collection: Travertine Marble Collection

Rynestone Marble is one of the most reputed travertine marble manufacturers in Mumbai. We offer top-quality imported travertine marbles procured from around the world.

As top travertine marble manufacturers, Rynestone Marble offers the widest range of imported marbles encompassing different travertine marble price points. This amazing low-cost marble can be made available in more than 40 colour options, like red, titanium, beige, etc.

Why Travertine Marble?

Travertine marble is counted among the most durable and long-lasting marbles. It could last for almost 400 years or even more when used externally. This wonderful heritage marble has been used in design projects and construction for more than 100 years.

The amazing, visibly porous properties of the travertine marble often make it a perfect choice for designing the interiors as well as the exteriors of buildings. The excellent visual features of the travertine imported marble gives a more textured and natural look to your space. On further polishing, these marbles become perfectly smooth and ideal for flooring as well as for shower tiles.

The Rynestone Experience

As top marble suppliers, we possess an exclusive collection of rare, exotic and warm coloured travertine marbles available just for you. Now, you could simply beat the boredom out of uniform colours and patterns, by adding the best colour and pattern variations to provide a stunningly beautiful look to your contemporary spaces. Our handpicked assortment of travertine marble and Italian marble will make your home look splendidly modern with a touch of the old world royal elegance. Not just that, the travertine stones can be procured in a medley of finishes, including brushed, honed, polished, tumbled and saw cut. As leading granite suppliers, we always aim to provide the best of this warm natural stone to our customers, ensuring them with the best products and services.

Why Rynestone for Travertine Marble?

Travertine Marble is also unique, in the sense, it looks significantly different before and after polishing. In order to ensure our customers are confident with their purchase, we also carry a large amount of pre-polished and epoxy-treated material. This helps our customers view what their purchase will look like in their homes after the final polishing.

We thoroughly understand your need to create a beautiful home. We will provide you with the best collection of imported marbles including Italian marbles, along with holistic services and recommendations to ensure you create a wonderfully beautiful dream home.