5 Marble Stones to Create a Rustic Interior For Your Home

5 Marble Stones to Create a Rustic Interior For Your Home

Do you want to create a rustic interior design? Do you know which marble to buy to get the best rustic interior design? 

Here are the top marble types as recommended by top marble and granite manufacturers in India that could provide a rustic appeal to your home. 

  • Grey marble
  • Grey marbles provide a uniquely modern yet vintage look to your flooring. You choose from a variety of colour variations available in the grey marbles. You can ask marble manufacturers for the grey marble and ask them to show different colour variations to understand the shades and identify which shades would look perfect for your flooring. You can check with marble suppliers in Mumbai to find the best varieties of grey marbles. 

    Smooth texture and dull colour grey marbles would be a perfect selection as they would exude an old-world charm in your homes. The biggest benefit of grey marbles is that they could be easily paired with any type of stones. Combine grey with white or black and match it with wooden furniture that is mostly beige, to get a flawless look for your home.

  • White Marble
  • These the White Italian marbles are often considered as sophisticated and elegant. White reflects the most light therefore, they specifically add to the aesthetic beauty of the house. You can add rustic yet elegant interiors to your house to complement the wonderful white marble flooring. The addition of wooden furniture would give a heavenly aura to your home.

    If you want to add more elegance to your home, you could opt for the old English-styled rustic interiors replete with old English wooden furniture. White marbles provide natural brightness to your house and this gives you ample opportunity to experiment with the decoration.

  • Brown marbles
  • Brown marbles give a wonderful earthy feel to the house. They create an environment of calmness and are perfect for creating a vintage exterior for the walls. Brown marbles are an amazing amalgamation of modern and old designs. Most interior designers regularly equip brown marbles accompanied by red hardwood via decoration or furniture.

    The best option is to go for beige brown or light brown colour marble from the marble suppliers in Mumbai. Brown marbles are one of the best marbles for flooring. They provide a distinct identity to your house and can be effectively complemented with metal as well as wooden furniture.

  • Beige marbles
  • Beige marbles are the most underrated marbles. Many people confuse it with either brown marble or grey marble. However, beige marbles carry a unique charm and appeal; their wonderful textures add to the beauty of the house. 

    The beige colour is refined to a great extent and is mainly used to provide an airy and infinite look to the flooring. Beige marbles make for amazing floor tiles. They seamlessly blend with the interiors and do not overpower the beauty of your interiors. 

    You can contact beige marble suppliers to find the best varieties of beige marbles for your home. Beige marbles can make even the smallest of space look spacious and luxurious. 

  • Red marble
  • Yes, red marble! It adds elegance and beauty to space. Red marbles help to provide a traditional look to your conventional modern interior design. When used intelligently it greatly complements the colours on your walls and your interior furniture.

    Red marbles exude that feeling of earthiness and calmness into the setting, making you feel homely and comfortable. The red marble suits best with antique furniture and dark furniture. You can place bright bulbs and lamps around the house to enhance the rustic appeal of the house.

    These are the top marble stone types that could provide a unique rustic appeal to your home. If you want to know more about beige marble suppliers and a white marble manufacturer, then you must visit Rynestone Marble today.

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