An Encyclopedia Of Marble Its Types and Their Prices

An Encyclopedia Of Marble Its Types and Their Prices

Marble has often been considered the stone of gods and kings. If we observe the ancient buildings and monuments, they have been made using marble. For example, the Taj Mahal was built using this rock. This rock, however, is still used as a decorative structural material today. The word "marble" comes from the Greek marmaros, which means "shining stone." As such, this rock has been greatly admired since ancient times for its inherent brightness, which is due to the low refractive index of calcite (the mineral of which it is primarily composed), which allows light to permeate inside the stone before being reflected.

Marble is used for both internal and external purposes. Further, white base marble has a translucent feature that allows light to enter and give off a soft glow. Marble can also take a very high polish. Thus, it is also used in making sculptures. The creation of the first marble objects dates back to the Neolithic era in ancient Greece, which was rich in marble quarries. From there, the use of marble stone extended to the origins of Greek sculpture and then to the architecture of the classical era, and now it has become the most utilized rock in the world. To gain a little bit more knowledge about marble, let’s delve into the world of marble.

What is a Marble?

Marble is a natural stone formed deep underground or mountains. So, we can say that the stone is a metamorphic rock. This means that over time, heat and pressure were put on layers and layers of limestone and calcium carbonate.

This results in the lovely marble that we use to build your dream project. Mineral deposits like clay, silt, sand, iron oxides, and chert make the black and white swirls and colors in the marble.

The stone is then taken out of the ground in big pieces called "Marble Blocks." And then sawn in to slabs in a gangsaw.

Why is Marble used?

Marble is very flexible and can be used for much more than just building and decorating. This versatile material is often used for outdoor sculpture, exterior walls, flooring, decorating, stairways, and sidewalks.

In the past, monarchs and kings & rulers were the only ones who could build with marble. In ancient times, most buildings facads were made of marble.

Marble is often used in the interiors of old buildings, such as cathedrals. Marble tiles add a touch of elegance to the floors and bathrooms of middle- and upper-class homes.

You can buy each of these slabs with a high-gloss polish or a satin hone finish and other finishes. Polished tiles are easier to keep your balance on and are usually thought to be safer to walk ways

Marble on dado can be kept from falling apart in a number of ways like clamping on frames of metals. Modern sealants make it much less likely that water and chemicals will stain marble.

Marble Types and Their Prices

Grey Marble

One of the most beautiful marble slabs is grey marble. There are many kinds of grey marble, from light to dark. Grey marble countertops, backsplashes, or floors can liven up any room without being too flashy.

It can be hard to find the right grey marble for your space, but our experts can help you through the process. We have the most affordable prices on Grey Marble. We have many different kinds of grey marble that cost between ₹325 and ₹550 per square foot.

Onyx Marble

Onyx is a rare and unusual stone that leaves a stunning impression. When used for backlight or anything else, onyx looks beautiful and is expensive. Different things are done with these stones, like putting them on walls. Onyx is often used to make jewelry, decorative items, and other unique things. It looks amazing and is unlike anything else.

In the current market, the price of Onyx marble falls between ₹600 onwards

Colored Marble

We have a wide range of marbles in unique colors and designs that can be used both inside and outside. The texture of our marbles is smooth and well-polished.

These are made with the most recent technology to make the marbles look better and show off their features.

People love our marbles for how long they last and how elegant they make any space. Prices for colored marbles fall ₹250 per square foot, onwards which is a very reasonable range, considering the cost of production and market trends for Coloured Marble.

Granite/ Brazilian Granite/ Quartzite

Granites are great for making interior walls look more elegant and shiny. It gives your home a more natural look. It also serves to connect the inside and outside of the house. The look of a bedroom or kitchen will change completely.

There are a lot of different colors and textures of granite stone. Granite's colour and pattern tend to stay the same for a very long time. So you'll have a facade that will last a lifetime. Granite costs from @400 onwards.

Beige Marble

Beige Marble is an elegant color and has a very smooth finish and texture. This marble is popular because it looks nice. Because it looks so nice, it is mostly used for walls and floors inside.

This marble is very strong and has a smooth finish. There are a lot of different textures of beige Italian marble. Its color and shine remain the same for 5-7 years, there you can repolish it, and it attains the original shine as was installed

When marble flooring is used in interior design, it adds a great deal of beauty. It is mostly used for home and business projects & Restaurants.

We are committed to providing all of our clients with the best top-class beige marble at an affordable price. We have a large selection of natural Beige Marble for sale at the best price on the market.

Travertine Marble

Travertine marbles are the best choice for people who want to add the strength of stone to their floors but also like warm colours and different textures.

There are different colors of these travertine marbles, like beige, white, brown, and grey. Also, these tiles are easier to keep up than natural stones.

Travertine marble costs @250 onwards sq. feet. Different colors of these stones are available.

Armani Marble

Armani Marble is a deep brown colour with hints of white and lighter brown. People also call it "Prestige Brown Marble, Maroon Emperador Marble, Armani Brown and Bronze Armani." Each piece of natural stone is completely different from the rest.

The different shades of brown give it a trendy look. With its dark brown colour, this marble adds a strong and earthy touch to the room. They also look great when put together with light-colored marble to make a luxurious wall design.

One thing about these tiles that stands out is that they have a high shine properly & look very elegant. The range of prices from lot to lot.

Exotic Marble

Exotic Marbles are made from natural materials like limestone rock and volcanic activity. Because of this, its more dynamic in its appearance & looks very stunning.

Exotic marble is a strong material require low maintenance on walls & normal care as others when used for flooring.


Quartzite is a natural stone that is used for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Quartzite countertops in light black, grey, and white are the most popular because they go with neutral-colored kitchens & good highlighters for living & bathrooms.

The beautiful look of this natural stone can make a space that would otherwise look boring & bland & quartzite will look fresh and new and interesting. Also, the stone is one of the most popular choices for flooring because it is strong and lasts a long time.

It can be used on walls, counters, and table tops inside and outside & flooring too, and it can give your space a beautiful vibe right away. Quartzite is more expensive because it is a natural stone. But we have a variety of high-quality Quartzite marbles that are still affordable.

Michelangelo Marble

Michaelangelo  Marble is a beautiful type of marble from Portugal that has a brown and white, grey , cream &  texture. Michaelangelo  Marble has a wave-like pattern of shades of brown to white, grey & some red lines also.

The Michelangelo  Marble comes in many different colors and styles, so it works with many different kinds of applications. It has a smooth surface and a nice look that make it more beautiful.

This marble looks great on edges, vanity tops, showers, floors, and other parts of the home that are hard to miss. Michelangelo's appearance and polish are refreshing.

This marble looks formal and elegant as a whole. It could often be seen in bathrooms, where people use benchtops, bathtubs, and floors for arrogance. The cost of Michelangelo marbles is determined by their quantity and thickness. Cost between ₹650 and ₹2500 per square foot depending on lot.

How Marble Rock Is Formed?

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock that is made when limestone is heated and pressed together.

It is mostly made up of the mineral calcite (CaCO3), and it usually also has other minerals like clay minerals, micas, quartz, pyrite, iron oxides, and graphite.

Under the conditions of metamorphism, the calcite in the limestone reforms into a rock made of a bunch of interlocking calcite crystals. When dolostone is heated and pressed, it changes into dolomitic marble, which is a similar rock.

Igneous rocks are made from lava or the molten center of the earth. In geology, marble is a form of crystalline limestone or dolomite.

We'll call a few other crystallized stones "Marble" as well, because they have the same veining and polish to a high gloss as Marble.

This is because people have been cutting marble for thousands of years, long before anyone knew the difference between calcium carbonate and magnesium silicate.

Where Is Marble Found?

Marble can be found all over the world, which makes it a sign of wealth in many different cultures. Nearly half of the world's marble is now mined in various countries. They are: Italy, China, Spain, India, Greece, Vietnam, Morocco, Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Brazil etc. But many other countries also have marble quarries.

Since each seam of marble is made under a different set of circumstances, marble from different quarries is often very different.

Even marble from the same mines can look very different depending on the minerals present and the structure of each.

This natural patterning can't be repeated, so each slab is completely unique. This makes it hard to find a good match for Marble, though. Because of this, you need to make sure you order enough for the whole project at once.

How Is Marble Extracted?

Marble is extracted from the quarries in the rocky massifs. To make sure that tracing and transportation work well, experts with many years of experience and very modern tools are put to work like diamond wire saw to extracted large rock masses, the sliced to blocks for transportation. There are also safety and protection measures in place before extraction.

The main goal of marble suppliers is to get blocks of marble that are a certain height and width. These blocks can be taken to different units that work with marble to be worked on further. Most marble quarrying activities involve the following steps:

Deciding where to put a quarry

There are things about stone, like color, pattern, and quality that are unique to each marble quarry.

After figuring out where the marble deposits is, the next step is to take a sample to find out the exact color and other details. After getting all the necessary permissions, quarrying operations can begin.


In the next step, the marble rocks are drilled with pneumatic steel drillers and down-the-hole drills. The first machine is used to drill holes in the vertical, horizontal, and angled planes, while the second is used to drill holes in the vertical plane.

First Cuts

Using a vertical hole drilling method to cut big blocks of marble, the next step is to make the primary cuts. Using the diamond wire machine, thus marble blocks are made.

Carrying and Lifting

The last step in marble quarrying is to lift and move the big marble blocks to different places where they will be processed. Heavy-duty cranes are often used to move raw, large blocks and load them onto trucks.

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