Different Materials for Different Budgets

Different Materials for Different Budgets

Marbles are considered the perfect material for any kind of interior when one wants to add beauty to its space. Marbles and stones are not only beautiful, which increases the value of the space, but they are equally responsible for the strength of the home or commercial space. Due to their many features, marbles can be used in many forms, in many spaces, and with flexibility.

With these high characteristics, most people assume automatically that it is expensive. You need to understand that it varies from marble to marble based on its quality, type, colour, and origin.

Selecting the Right Materials: Budget Friendly Decision

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Marbles, onyx, granite, and quartzite are different kinds of materials used for different kinds of applications in different spaces. They all have different properties and varieties that can be used flexibly. Here is a small description of how you can choose materials according to your budget:

  • Low-priced Marbles-Affordable for Any Kind: Beige Marble such as Bottechino, Grey Marble and Crema Marble are very basic and affordable ones that can be used for any kind of space, like entry-level residential and commercial flooring and their basic counterparts. 
  • Mid-range Marbles-A Balanced Variety: Mid-range Marbles like Crema Marfil Marble, Armani Marble, and Travertine Marble are those kinds of marbles that are balanced between affordability and aesthetics. These marbles can be used mostly in kitchens and bathrooms. 
  • High-priced Marbles-A Touch of Luxury: Spider Red Marble, Michelangelo Marble, and Satvario Marble are those kinds of marbles that have a touch of luxury and aesthetics. These marbles are highly used in hotels and expensive homes like bungalows. 
  • Exotic and Rare-Giving a Unique Touch to Space: Pink Onyx, Tropical Green Quartzite, Brown Statuario Marble, etc. are those marbles that are natural and rare in nature and are expensive too. These marbles are used when people want something that is totally different and looks rare and unique. These are usually custom furniture, feature walls, and high-profile commercial spaces.

As shown, there are multiple ways in which different kinds of marbles are used in different spaces according to concept and budget. Choose the right marble for you after evaluating factors like quality, range, colours, and applications. Visit our website and contact us if you need some help choosing the perfect marble for your space.


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