Onyx, Granite, Marble and Quartzite Explained

Onyx, Granite, Marble and Quartzite Explained

Why is Marble Special?

 Marble is durable, lustrous and beautiful. There are a vast varieties of Marble, which is why they are used creatively by architects to build beautiful buildings, homes and offices and different varieties of marble can compliment a wide variety of interiors. Not only does Marble look good, it’s actually functional due to it’s durability. Marble that is cleaned regularly and polished every 5-7 years can look just as good after 25 years as it did the day it was installed. This is because it is a natural material. Man-made materials like tiles cannot be polished. When tiles chip or break, there is nothing that can be done and any pattern that was printed on top will disappear. Marble, on the other hand, is patterned all the way through, so it can always be repolished and brought back to glory.  

Where can it be used?

Usually Marble is used as flooring, but it can be used for many other purposes like coffee tables, walls, dining tabletops and much more.

Which is the perfect marble for you?

Now it is important to make an important distinction. Most people designing their home do not know the difference between Marble, Onyx, Granite and Quartzite. They believe that since they are all natural materials, they must be different types of Marble Supplier. This is not true.

While all are natural and stunning they are all unique materials with unique characteristics.



Onyx has one special quality. It is translucent. This means that if you have any lighting behind a piece of onyx, the light will shine through the onyx, lighting up the internal structure of the onyx.

Onyx appliances

Onyx is also available in many varieties, patterns and colours. It is a great way to add character to your space while also adding light.

It has a dimension to your space that no other material can match.

Onyx is softer than marble, so it is generally recommended to be used on walls or on tabletops.

Insider tip: When installing onyx with a backlight, a common mistake is to not plan for what will happen when the lights need to be replaced. Often, the backlights will need to be replaced in a year or 2, and due to the inconvenience associated with removing the onyx slabs, people will just choose to not fix it. It is important to setup the space such that the lights can be serviced and replaced without needing to move the onyx slabs. This will ensure that you will retain the beautiful backlit onyx effect even decades after installation. 

Some popular types of onyx:

Onyx does have different types such as-

  • Tiger Onyx
  • Honey Onyx
  • Mexican onyx
  • Ice onyx
  • Blue onyx
  • Crystal Onyx



‘Marble’ word is derived from the Greek word “Marmos” meaning “shining rock”. Although Marble can be found worldwide, the regions most famous for imported Marble are Italy, Turkey, Brazil and Portugal. Marble has been used for centuries in building grand monuments, and it is a testament to the durability of marble that Monuments such as the Taj Mahal, built hundreds of years ago are still standing.


 Onyx appliances

Due to it’s durable nature and glossy look, it can be almost everywhere, including:

  • Countertops
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Staircases


Marbles comes in a large number of varieties and some of them are:

  • White marble
  • Black marble
  • Brown marble
  • Grey marble
  • Beige marble 

Some popular ones are:

  • Michaelangelo
  • Serpijiante
  • Grego Armani
  • Alaska Grey
  • Black Marquina 



The word ‘Granite’ came from Latin word ‘Granum’ which means grain. Granite is known for it’s decorative and building purposes.

  • Substantially harder than marble
  • Resistance from heat and scratches makes it suitable for using in and outside of the home, especially on high usage countertops such as kitchen countertops and window sills.
  • Can carry a large amount of weight. 


Granite appliances

With given properties, there are a wide range of granite usage in interior decoration as –

  • Perfect for kitchen countertops due to it’s heat resistance.
  • Sinks because of it’s durable nature.
  • Can be used as fireplace mantle due to it’s heat resistance and easy to clean nature.


Despite of it’s nature and specialties, it has a lot of types and in different forms and colors:

  • Brown Pearl
  • Blue Pearl
  • Mocha Brown
  • Blue Brazilian Granite
  • Dolce Vita



The word ‘Quartzite’ is derived from the German word “Quarzit” which means a sandstone composed of quartz. Quartzite is a hard, dense and heavy natural stone used for multi purpose. It is harder than even granite and needs special blades and polishing stones to cut and polish it. It holds an incredible polish and is often the most noticeable feature in a room due to the large amount of colours and designs available as well as its polish.

  • Known for it’s most hard and durable feature.
  • It’s free from pores and lasts longest.
  • Quartzite are scratch and stain resistant.


Quartzite appliances

Quartzite is best used as tabletops, countertops, walls and to make furniture such as dining tables and side tables.

Types of quartzite:

  • Alice white quartzite
  • Arctic sky quartzite
  • Fantasy brown
  • Mercury white quartzite
  • Mercury black quartzite
  • Taj mahal quartzite
  • Super white quartzite

This should make it easier to make your final decision. If you want decoration  and to play with light, you should pick with onyx. If you want attractiveness, shine and durability, choose marble dealers. If you want to install something on high usage areas that will not break with heavy use, go with granite. If you want something even stronger, with more patter and have a slightly bigger budget, we would recommend Quartzite. On top of that, you can choose them all for different part of your home or office.

 Quartzite Marbles

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