Why White Marble is Perfect For Your Luxury Home

Why White Marble is Perfect For Your Luxury Home

If you enter any luxurious home, you will see that marble flooring is the finest choice for its natural aesthetics, elegance, and durability. Marble is commonly used in the monuments and old homes of Europe and has now become a standard option when it comes to big-budget flooring. Despite knowing how beautiful marble flooring is, people often discard it as too old-fashioned, expensive, or difficult to maintain. None of these is accurate, and you can create gorgeous customized flooring to enhance your décor.

Marble refers to a metamorphic rock formed over centuries as sedimentary rocks, usually lime. Transform under extreme heat and pressure. As they transform, they become compact and create trademark veins and lines. Marble is quarried in mountainous areas and needs minimum processing to produce slabs and tiles. Though there are affordable options such as engineered stone and hardwood available, marble suppliers in Mumbai advertise its glamour for homes, offices, and five-star hotels.

  • Luxurious Appeal

Beige Italian Marble is a natural product and adds elegant beauty to your space while retaining its simplicity. The trademark veins are naturally formed, which means that no two tiles are the same. They are easy to install and design, which is suitable for both traditional and contemporary spaces. They have always conveyed a regal look, and their translucent properties enhance the natural light in modern areas.

  • Customizable Designs

Though marble is a natural product, it is found in several colors, designs, and patterns. You can choose to select the flooring first, then the design, or vice versa. Experiment with a marble inlay design flooring using your favorite colors or patterns or matching with the existing décor in the room. This brings excitement to a neutral-colored room or a distinct feature in your office. Marble flooring can be inspired by historical architecture and art, tell your guests a story, and more using handcrafted accents, borders, and medallions.

  • Durable

One of the best things about marble flooring is that it is incredibly durable for scrapes, water, and scratching. Proper maintenance only extends their lifetime, even in high-traffic zones of your office, home and business. Even if your marble flooring has faced some rough use, you can get it polished back to its original gleam. Marble is a hard product, which holds up spills and foot traffic. However, glassware and porcelain ware can shatter if you accidentally drop them on a marble floor.

  • Easy Cleaning

Speaking of durability, marble floors can be cleaned with soap and detergent. You must wipe up the mess, pet dander, or dirt quickly so that no stains remain. As obvious as it sounds, white marble makes dirt more visible, while black marble makes clear liquids challenging to distinguish. It doesn’t absorb spilled liquids, which is why you must reseal marble when installed and once a year to retain the protective layer.

  • Moisture-resistant

As marble repels liquids, you can easily wipe up messes and spills. However, do not allow beverages or food to remain on the marble surface to avoid staining. Marble dealers in Mumbai say that acidic beverages and foods can stain the floor if left unwiped for long. 

  • Glossy Surface

Marble flooring has a smooth and polished surface, which becomes slippery when wet. This could be particularly hazardous if you install a marble entryway or bathroom floor. Rugs in public zones prevent accidental falls and slips, especially if you have elderly adults or children in the house.

  • Anti-allergenic

Marble is an anti-allergenic product as allergens do not stick to marble flooring. You can easily mop away dander and dust when you see them on marble flooring, which prevents allergies.

  • Good Conductor Of Heat

Marble conducts heat, which is excellent for homes relying on radiant or artificial heat to warm up space. You can pair marble flooring with in-floor radiant heating, which keeps you comfortable, warm, and happy. Marble floors are great for humid and hot areas in summer, as it stays cool otherwise.

  • Environment-friendly

Since marble is a natural stone, it does not require any power of energy to produce or decompose. It can be recycled and therefore does not cause any environmental pollution. 

To get the best results, hire an experienced professional to lay the marble floors. If you need detailed information on marble manufacturers in Mumbai, visit us at Rynestone.

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